DOT week in June 2019

The annual International Roadcheck 72-hour inspection blitz will be held June 4-6 with a focus on steering and suspension systems.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, which conducts the event each year, says steering and suspension are critical for all commercial vehicles.

Inspectors will primarily conduct Level I inspections on most rigs checked during the three-day blitz. Level I inspections are the most thorough, including examination of both driver compliance and vehicle-related violations.

Inspections will include checks of brakes, cargo securement, lights, steering, suspension, tires and more. Drivers will also be required to provide their CDLs, Medical Examiner’s Certificates, logs and more. If no violations are found, inspectors will issue a CVSA decal that indicates the vehicle has passed inspection.

“International Roadcheck is a high-visibility, three-day commercial motor vehicle, and driver inspection and enforcement event,” Thompson adds. “However, aside from the increased inspections, we are not doing anything differently than any other day. The inspections performed during International Roadcheck are the same inspections that are conducted the day before International Roadcheck starts and the day after it concludes, as well as any other day of the year.”

CVSA says approximately 17 trucks and buses are inspected, on average, every minute during the Roadcheck blitz.

Last year’s event sidelined nearly 12,000 trucks and buses and more than 2,600 drivers with out-of-service orders. Brakes, tires and wheels, and brake adjustment were the top three vehicle out-of-service violations issued during 2018’s Roadcheck. The top driver out-of-service violations were hours of service, wrong class license and false logs.

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