New Love’s Truck Stop in Brownsville, TX

The Brownsville Love’s location is great for truck drivers traveling across southern Texas with truckloads. This truck stop serves truckers traveling along Highway 48 that goes down to Port Isabel toward South Padre Island, in an area also known as Deep South Texas. The truck stop will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What can you expect as a truck driver at this new truck stop? For starters, there are 39 spots available without a reservation. First come, first serve and free—the truck parking here is convenient and will sure to be popular given the Brownsville trucking routes. Other services that you can look forward to here include a Godfather’s Pizza, truck driver laundry facilities, and CAT truck weigh scales. In addition, the truck stop offers five diesel bays and four truck driver showers.

Regarding the 73rd truck stop location in Brownsville, Texas, Tom Love, founder of Love’s, said, “We’re excited to now be serving customers in Texas’s southernmost town – which also is our southernmost location in all of the U.S. The new location in Brownsville is our 73rd location in Texas and we are happy to give drivers another opportunity to get the great service and products they deserve.”

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Love’s App and Rewards Program

Did you know that Love’s has a new mobile app for truckers called Love’s Connect? The app lets you pay for fuel in the lane before you even pump it. Plus, the app lets you reserve a truck driver shower on route to the truck stop. This way you can get your name in the line faster and far more conveniently, speeding up the process for everyone.

You can also see if there’s a super long wait at the trucker showers and better plan your visit at the truck stop before you get there. This gives you more power and control over your career as an OTR truck driver. Love’s Travel Stops also has the My Love Rewards card program for professional drivers. This program lets you get free showers and free drink refills, along with points you can reimburse for store discounts.

How the truck stop looks like before 3 months:

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