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Signing Bonus Nbg Logistics Trucks AtlantaStrong competition in the field of ground transportation forces trucking companies to make smart and informed decisions when it comes to the essentials of their business, trucks. Powerful, safe and durable are only few characteristics why we at NBG Logistics decided to put our trust in Freightliner’s New Cascadia. Over and over again, the performance of these Class 8, 60,600 GVW trucks assured us that we made an excellent choice.

According to our truckers, driving New Cascadia is a safe and enjoyable experience. Long hours away from home are more bearable in the truck’s user-friendly and smartly organized interior. Also, this truck is a perfect match for our team driver operation as it provides us with one of the industries largest sleeper bunk compartment.

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New Cascadia excels in many categories: fuel-efficiency, safety, uptime, connectivity and quality. All come together as what they at Freightliner call “real cost of ownership”, which should be made as low as possible. The exterior of the vehicle is carefully designed to achieve not just the visual appeal but also the lowest possible air resistance, thereby increasing fuel-efficiency.

We frequently upgrade our capacities and that includes changing assets. The possibility is small, however, that such change will happen in case of our New Cascadia trucks, at least for the foreseeable future. Simply put, this is one smart and powerful truck.

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