Top 5 Useful Apps for Truckers

Top 5 Mobile Apps for Truckers

Weigh My Truck App

Hate wasting time walking inside to pay at weigh stations? Unable to bypass a station? This app is built to work with CAT Scales to save drivers time at the weigh stations. Weigh your truck and pay for your weight using your smartphone at the scale. No need to leave your truck. The app accesses your location, you fill in your truck and trailer info and pay straight from the app. A copy of your weigh ticket is emailed to you (although you could still opt for a hard copy).


This app is universally useful for any businessperson—if contracts, receipts or paperwork are bogging you down, get CamScanner and save them in the cloud. Once they’re saved, your documents can be emailed or faxed to whoever you need, wherever you need.

Lose It!

It is really hard for truckers to stay in shape considering their unorthodox work schedule and constant travel. But if you are making a conscious effort to shed some pounds and live a healthier lifestyle, give “Lose It!” a try. Lose It is a program that helps you track your food intake, your workout history and also helps you get connected with other individuals with the same goals or that can help you achieve your own.

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Audio Books

Take a guess at what this app does. Yep, it’s blatantly obvious—this app can provide truckers with endless books on tape to purchase for the long rides. And what the app lacks in title-creativity, it makes up for in selection, as it has over 100,000 titles available (2,500+ free of charge).


Most GPS and interactive mapping programs have dabbled in traffic alerts/navigation in hazardous conditions. Waze simply does it best. With a unique interface that is user-friendly and detailed, this app will tell you exactly what obstacles lie ahead on a particular route and then suggest which alternative you ought to take. It also can send you to the cheapest gas station in your area when it’s time to fill up.

Weather Channel App

A reliable and easy to use weather app. Check the radar and forecast by the hour to know exactly what mother nature has in store for your trek.

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