A Tale from our driver:" Why I hate drop and hook loads?

Not all drop and hooks are quick and easy. Sometimes the trailers are hidden behind other trailers and you need to wait for a yard dog to move the ones in front. Other times the trailer you need might be sitting at a different location so you have to wait for a yard dog to […]

Look at the bad reaction of the truck driver?? How is that possible??

We are witnessing everyday lousy driving of the driver, and only we rarely expect the truck driver to misbehave. Truck drivers are expected to pre-anticipate the reactions of other participants. Read also: How the NBG truck driver avoided collision with an animal Look how NBG truck driver avoided the major accident Look at the video […]

Look how NBG truck driver avoided the major accident

NBG truck driver has been praised for his actions after he managed to avoid a serious accident by avoiding "clippers" between 2 trucks when the truck that comes from his left side made the improper lane change. Footage filmed during this incident shows the situation that happened. Thank you, kind sir, for your actions that […]

Are you zan aggressive truck driver

“A professional driver becomes during years and years, but the basis for this is his childhood.” “A professional driver never thinks he’s always right.” As you normally feel like saying good afternoon when you meet a neighbor or enter a store, it should be normal and reduce speed, use a seat belt and do not […]

Speeding VS Late Delivery

Look at the behavior of 2 drivers who passed identical routes. The route is 500 miles long per the driver. Pick up Time is at 08:00 AM, Delivery Time is at 19:00 PM. The first driver came to Pick up at 07:30 AM to check-in on time, use his free time for personal belongings in […]

Girls in the Truck – Why YES and Why NOT?

Usually, when we say a truck driver, we do not think of the pretty girl sitting behind the wheel. The reality is that more and more women in the world today are not only driving cars, but also heavy goods vehicles. Safety was always an issue. Women looked for a carrier that was concerned about their personal safety on the road as well as… READ MORE