How does DOT use Drones / 2019

How does DOT use drones?

Civil and state operations, including state Departments of Transportation (DOTs), are beginning to use drones to improve operational efficiency, save money and time, and increase safety. Over half of the state DOTs in the U.S. are exploring, testing, or actively using drones. By using drone technology to assess and inspect bridges and tunnels, as well […]

How to update your Rand McNally GPS

Here are the steps: The Rand McNally Dock is an essential part of your Rand McNally GPS device.* It provides you with free software upgrades and access to map updates. Through the Dock, you can also access the user guide for your device and send feedback to Rand McNally via “Tell Rand.” To get started: […]

Good practice in the behavior of truckers

Before driving: Check the engine oil level, braking system, as well as coolant fluids within the allowed limits Do you have enough fuel in the tank? Def? Does the electrical signaling correct? Does the braking device and control device correct? Do you have the mandatory equipment for trucks for road traffic? Do you have a […]

How to save the tires

Generally, truck drivers have the biggest problem on the road with tires. That’s why we write a few tips on how to save your tires as long as possible. Regularly check the air pressure in the tires Incorrect tire pressures mean that tires are used unevenly, and increases fuel consumption, as incorrectly inflated tires have […]

Blurred glass – how does it appear?

Blurred glass is a rather irritating problem encountered by drivers. Sleeves, rags, palms are some of the devices used by drivers in order to solve the problem and allow for normal visibility. Often the problem is resolved in this way for a short time and you must re-take action at the next intersection. Can the […]

How to erase the computer codes without a coder

How to erase the computer codes without a coder?

Check engine lights are on every time when there is a problem in the engine or the emissions control system. You should always have the codes generated by your car’s computer scanned and read so you can determine the cause. You can try to reset the light before you try to fix…