Are you zan aggressive truck driver

“A professional driver becomes during years and years, but the basis for this is his childhood.”

“A professional driver never thinks he’s always right.”

As you normally feel like saying good afternoon when you meet a neighbor or enter a store, it should be normal and reduce speed, use a seat belt and do not use a handheld mobile device during driving.

Every day we witness the ardent behavior of drivers on the roads and streets.

This behavior is very common, in addition to being inappropriate and endangering traffic safety.

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10 rules to be followed:

  1. Reduce speed (Fast driving is the major cause of traffic accidents with tragic consequences.)
  2. Take care of the minor participants in the traffic
  3. Control the truck regularly by doing a detailed Pre-trip inspection
  4. Use the prescribed equipment (use the seat belt)
  5. Do not use your handheld mobile phone while driving (Texting can wait for you to park the truck)
  6. Do not miss a break
  7. Be kind and patient (Traffic requires patience and a good culture of behavior.)

NBG Logistics LLC wish you a nice trip.

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