Girls in the Truck – Why YES and Why NOT?

Usually, when we say a truck driver, we do not think of the pretty girl sitting behind the wheel. The reality is that more and more women in the world today are not only driving cars, but also heavy goods vehicles.
Safety was always an issue. Women looked for a carrier that was concerned about their personal safety on the road as well as how well they maintained the tractor and trailer.
The Federal Motor Carrier Administration reported only 95 fatalities in commercial trucks in 2015 where the driver was female. Out of a total of 3,883, this meant that women were the drivers in just in two percent of truck fatalities while comprising six percent of all commercial drivers.
We were also pleased to see the number of female drivers increased from 7.13 percent of all drivers in 2016 to 7.89 percent in 2017.
We were so excited to learn that the American Transportation Research Institute included gender when researching crash causation. They reported what we’d known all along. Women are safer commercial drivers. Men were found to be twenty percent more likely to be involved in a crash than women. In every category, from reckless driving to improper lane changing, women were found to be safer drivers.
Every job brings a lot of good and much worse, the difference is only in the way one accepts both. We tried to find out what attracted girls to driving trucks and what they were encountering during work.

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Why Yes?

1. Women admit that they feel more independent when driving a truck than a car, they feel as if they can conquer the world.
2. Women admit that they better organize their time when they work as truck drivers than when they do any other job.
3. Women admit that they are pleased that as drivers they earn much more than doing any other job.
4. Women admit that they feel free while driving a truck.
5. Usually, women are not expected to know anything about the mechanics of trucks, and mechanics often know that and they abuse and charge more or delay, but if a woman knows that, this can’t happen.
6. The dream of many women is to travel the world and meet different roads as well as to test new trucks. And many women like to prove they can do the same jobs as men.

Why Not?

1. Safety is at the forefront, this job is risking life if the driver is unlucky to be in a company that cares about their drivers and their safety.
2. There are still people laughing at women who decide to spend most of their lives behind the wheel. It’s sometimes difficult to deal with that pressure.
3. There are still employers who in the job advertise that they want only men as drivers.
4. If you work for a good company, your only duty is to drive. However, when you have your own truck, it’s much more difficult; you pour fuel, rent a trailer, all repairs that concern the truck – you pay from your pocket.

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