Truck driver, and still healthy – is it possible?

Staty Fit, Eat Slowly and Healthy - 2019 Tips

Because they are most often on the road, it’s hard for drivers to have a healthy life. However, following these instructions, they can help you stay healthy and in great shape.

Healthy snacks

Replace unhealthy snacks with healthier options. For example. When you eat chocolate, you should prefer to eat fruit.
Truck driver, and still healthy - is it possible? - 2019

Stay fit

Take care of the weight, try to recreate every time when you can. Choose foods that will make you saturate longer than others. Chips or chocolate will saturate you rapidly but you will soon feel hungry again. Therefore, you should prefer to choose fruits, vegetables, flesh, pasta. You can also combine e.g. Apple and peanut are great together.

Eat slowly

When you are in a hurry fast and eating, yet, it takes time for the brain to get information that you are sitting. Therefore, if you eating fast, while the brain receives information that you are no longer hungry, you are already overtaken with quantities.

Size of the meal

It is possible to overdo it with healthy food. For example. The almonds are healthy, but if you eat too much you will get too many calories and fat.

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Use the water instead of juices. Also, the water will keep you fresh. One of the symptoms of dehydration is the feeling of fatigue.

Rule 30 minutes

Whatever your day looks like, try at least 30 minutes a day to be physically active. You can go for a walk or do a series of exercises.

Take some exercise equipment

You cannot carry complicated devices with you, but there are a lot of lightweight devices of smaller dimensions. For example, you can keep the skipping rope and elastic band in the cabin. There are many great exercises that you can do with these two devices.

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