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Blurred glass – how does it appear?

Blurred glass is a rather irritating problem encountered by drivers. Sleeves, rags, palms are some of the devices used by drivers in order to solve the problem and allow for normal visibility. Often the problem is resolved in this way for a short time and you must re-take action at the next intersection.
Can the problem be resolved and how do the blurred glasses actually emerge?

Driving with blurred glasses

We all met this problem and we are aware of the first challenge in this case – how to drive when you do not see anything ?!
Blurred glass significantly affects visibility and increases the risks to driving safety. Parking, turning, lane changing can become extremely risky. Unpredictability and poor visibility from the truck can be extremely dangerous for gentle participants in traffic, especially when trucks are driven away, and you have a neat green light on a pedestrian crossing.

How do blurred glass come in?

The answer is simple – humidity + temperature difference
The warm air is damp from the cold so it will be enough to get into the truck and just breathe. If there are two drivers in the truck, this process will accelerate even further. Wet clothes, umbrellas, even a boiling pizza in the box that you just put in the truck can affect glass fogging.
In the warm air contact with the cold surface of the glass, there is condensation and there is a problem.

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How to Beat Blurred Glass?

1. Proper use and maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning – some models of trucks have automated systems that solve this problem. If this system manually adjusts you, we recommend that you use the air conditioner (drying out the air) and turn the ventilation holes to the glass.

-Incorporating heating to the maximum and pointing to the glass will not solve the problem if there is a source of humidity in the truck (wet clothes, mats, snow, umbrellas or something else).
-Do not use the system for internal air circulation to deflate the glass – this will only exacerbate the problem.
-Check that there is water in the truck or there is a damp surface (wet mats, cloth, clothing, seat …).
-Regularly change the cabin filter (filter air or pollen lter)
-Check the level of cooling fluid and react if there is a problem with the refrigerator

2. Cleanliness – you need to regularly maintain a truck and clean the glass from both inside and outside.
3. Anti-fouling devices – you can find glass products that can help you solve this boring problem.
4. Alcohol, shaving foam, detergent, wiping glass with newspapers, and so on are some of the methods they may be able to help …

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