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How to save the tires

Generally, truck drivers have the biggest problem on the road with tires. That’s why we write a few tips on how to save your tires as long as possible.

Regularly check the air pressure in the tires

Incorrect tire pressures mean that tires are used unevenly, and increases fuel consumption, as incorrectly inflated tires have higher rolling resistance. According to the research, the pressure below the prescribed decreases the durability of the tires up to 60%, the tires are used unevenly, and the outer part of the tread surface is more used. On the other hand, if the pressure is higher than prescribed, the durability of the tire is reduced to 20%, and the middle part of the tread is used more. Regular tire control is of great importance.

Rotate the tires

Rotate the tires (change the tire positions) from one axle to another for every 5-10,000 miles because the tires are used differently on different axles. Remember to check the tire pressure after changing the tire position. Make sure the tires are mounted so that they rotate in the direction indicated by the arrow on the outer wall of the tire.

Drive steadily

The driving style greatly influences the use of tires and fuel consumption. If you ride calmly without harsh braking, aggressive movement and harsh turning, you will prolong the tire life, and less fuel will be consumed.

The load must not be more than permissible.

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Each tire has a certain carrying capacity for which it is designed. If you constantly have more loads than the capacity of your tires, they will be more expensively worn. The load-defining size is called the speed index, and its value is given in the load tables.

Do not turn the steering wheel while the truck is stationary

This is the bad habit that all drivers have. Turning wheels until the truck starts is very tiresome, especially when the truck is loaded. Avoid doing this, if you need to turn the tires around while the truck is parked, try to do it with minimal movement.

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